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Our Story

Casa do cuco was born by the desire to live and work in coherence with our values and beliefs, far from the crowds and in tune with nature and its cycles.

We are Camila, Valentín and our son, Iñaki, Argentineans creating a life project in the land of our ancestors, Galicia. In love with its landscapes, its gastronomy and its people, this was undoubtedly the perfect place for us. In Galicia we were able to find the natural diversity that we were looking for: beaches, mountains, vineyards, rivers, forests…

We had dreamed about the idea of creating a refuge where encounters full of stories, laughter and anecdotes predominate. The Camino de Santiago was undoubtedly a vital factor when deciding to move from the city to our rural heaven. We were always attracted by the experience of walking with little luggage in the middle of nature, and sharing this experience with other wanderers from around the world. That’s how we decided to strap on our boots and immerse ourselves in the experience of the Camino Primitivo. Shortly after our walk, we began visiting several houses with the illusion that one of them was going to choose us. A year later, Casa do Cuco appeared in our lives, and we knew immediately she was the one.

A few years have passed since then, and we are proud of each step and obstacle that we have overcome along the way. Casa do Cuco is now ready to receive pilgrims and rural tourist lovers alike, with the same love and attention with which it was created